Intership Frontend Engineer

Sleman, Indonesia

An internship as Qatros' frontend engineer will allow you to learn so much more about the important aspects of a website or software. Just as how they must look good on the visuals, functionality is also a must.


1. You are expected to be able to learn, adapt, and evolve in accordance with Qatros' values. 2. You are obliged to always be proactive and communicative in formulating work-related solutions. 3. You are expected to be able to create a functional layout for a frontend web app. 4. You are expected to be able to consume API endpoints for a frontend web app. 5. You are obliged to always create a functional documents and guides of what you do.


1. Sychronizing frontend design with the ones made by UI/UX
2. Inventing a design component that hasn't been made before
3. Learning how to design a new component

Must Have

1. Knowledge and skill regarding CSS, Javascript, Vu Js/React Js framework, API, and bootstrap 2. Knowledge and skill regarding HTML, GIT/GITLAB, and testing 3. An innovative and creative mindset 4. Teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills

What's great in the job

1. Flexible work hours, you can work anywhere and anytime as long as you get your job done
2. Increasing skills in coding and analytical/creative thinking
3. A chance to learn about the startup business