What is Getdebug made of? (Part 1)
Team effort. Also JavaScript. But mostly team effort.
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What is Getdebug made of? (Part 1)

Team effort. Also JavaScript. But mostly team effort.

First off, what the #^$& is Getdebug?

Imagine you have a dream app. We all do, right? And in this dream app, it can do everything you've ever dreamt of (it's a dream app afterall).

You however, cannot make that app happen, because of lack in the technical skills to make it happen. You just know that it's a great idea for an app. You then assemble a team of 2 developers to realize that app, because you only have so much budget to hire more.

Long story short, it's done. You have the app. You have it published, and everyone in the world can practically use it.

Except, it doesn't quite work as expected.It's full of bugs. It crashes when users use it. You might even say, it's unusable.

How could you let this happen? It's your dream app, man.

Now, what if I tell you that you could've avoided that happening. What if I tell you, there's a way you could keep those bugs in your app to a minimum before you have it published.

Well, there's Quality Assurance (QA) for you. I'm not gonna go in-depth about what is that in here, but the problem is usually, QA is either expensive, time consuming, or just very hard to get done if there are no proper QA engineers.

So you're thinking to yourself, "how am I supposed to acquire such a talent, can I really afford it, and do I really need it since it's literally the first time I heard of such term" ...and so on and so forth.

This is more or less the problems that Getdebug is trying to solve. So that when you release your dream app to the public, you feel confident that it has no bugs and all your users are satisfied.

So to answer the Billion Rupiah question, Getdebug is a software testing platform to solve all your problems in keeping your software to a high quality without spending too much time and money on the engineers or the tools.

Getdebug has just released its first version on February 19th, 2020 and there has been many improvements since. So you can go ahead and go to https://getdebug.com and give it a try.

Stay tuned for Part 2, if you wanna know the technologies behind this platform along with our journey to make it happen.

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